Sunday, November 25, 2012

Last Day of 4

Here are some photos of my last day being a four year old. After a relaxing morning at home with Mom, Dad, and Sister, I dressed myself (cape and mask, too) and headed out with Mom and Sis to do some Christmas shopping and birthday shopping for Dad (his birthday is a week after mine).

We went to HobbyTownUSA. We love our local hobby store. I wanted to look at rockets.

Later on after lunch and naps, we took a hike on the Oregon Trail. Then home to have Dad cut my hair. Mom interviewed me on my last day of being 4 - see video (it is almost 4 minutes long). 

After my interview, Mom and Dad had a surprise for me which I happily shared with Sister - dinner and a show. The show - Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace.  It was my first viewing. As Mom and Dad suspected, I LOVED it and was captivated the entire time.

I was so exhausted after my day I went right to sleep but not without asking a million Star Wars questions of Mom and Dad.  They keep saying they felt a grave disturbance in the Force. I suppose I'll understand better when I'm five....


shell said...

Great interview!! Loved it! and to watch Star Wars is very cool. Happy 5!

Caitlin said...

This is just adorable! Can't believe how old and grown up he sounds! Our boys would be such good friends- they are into IDENTICAL things! I let Joseph watch this and he nodded along and several times said "That's my favorite too!" He esp. liked the part about the flash at gymnastics! :) Happy (belated) birthday Trex! so fun to watch you grow up into such a fine young boy!

Caitlin said...

PS We totally just let Joseph watch star wars for the first time last weekend too! Parallel lives! (although we started with episode 1v) Brian and I laughed and laughed at the "disturbance of the force" comment! We have had NONSTOP questions here too!