Saturday, April 14, 2012

Soccer...First time

These are photos from my first soccer team experience. I don't really have a team but we are assigned to groups within our age group and we do drills, games, and then at the end play a mini game. I seem to have a great time and burn off a lot of energy. And when I do focus, I can do pretty good things. For example, I'm pretty good at dribbling the ball between the cones. 

Alas, it is all overwhelming with thousands of people around me and sometimes looking around and goofing off is far more entertaining and interesting than listening. We're still working on this. Since I'm just getting started it is not surprising I can be a bit distracted at time or sometimes all the time.

Regardless, I leave telling Mom and Dad I had fun and in the end that's what it's all about.

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Kim said...

I think you know about our soccer experience last year - Deaglan almost never went out to the field. This looks like a better league than ours, more fun, less seriousness. AND I wish soccer for us was during a cooler season, part of the reason Deaglan refused to get out there was it was so hot!