Monday, March 19, 2012

Tiny Bit of Trouble...

Last night we went over to Aunt S and Uncle R's place for dinner. They have lots of interesting things to explore and touch. It's tough to not be curious. I often like to look for souvenirs to bring home, particularly when on nature walks or when out running errands. Generally these things are leaves or feathers or rocks. Well, last night I brought home one of their decorations. The only problem, I did not get permission to do so.

When I came home and started to take my coat off I showed mom the cool souvenir I had - a little potpourri  pumpkin. It was so tiny and cute I could not resist. Alas, she and Dad were not too happy with me and calmly explained that taking something without permission was considered stealing.

I felt horrible. I was so sad I could barely speak. We talked about what I did and then called Aunt S and Uncle R and spoke with Uncle R. I apologized for taking the decoration without permission and said I would never do it again. I hope he could hear me as I was whispering on the telephone as I was too upset to speak in normal tone.

Then Mom helped me say a prayer of forgiveness after which I felt much better (see photo above). Mom explained that I was only in a tiny bit of trouble because I immediately told her what I had done and resolved the situation right then and there. Mom also said she was about my age when she took something from the craft store without permission and placed the puff balls in her red sweatshirt's front pocket.

I promised I'd never do this again and stand resolved to not do so, with Mom and Dad helping me stick to this, too. Thanks Aunt S and Uncle R for understanding and accepting my apology.


JKMommy said...

Oh this is such a touching story - T Rex, you are a good boy for facing up to your tiny bit of trouble and taking care of it right away! That's the right thing to do! :)

Caitlin said...

I second that- good boy Trex! It is hard to choose the right thing to do, but I am glad that you have learned for next time!

You guys are such great parents. So many times I react in anger and miss a wonderful lesson to be taught. sigh. you are an inspiration!