Thursday, July 21, 2011


It's been a while since I've updated. Mostly because Mom has posted lots of photos of me during Dad's stay-cation. However, I did want to put up a couple of updated photos of just me so you can see how I'm growing.

I really am growing and growing and growing. And Dad says my speech becomes more eloquent every day.

I am a non-stop chatter box. If I see you I will most likely stop you to say, "I have a giant Lightning McQueen. Do you want to come to my house to ride it?" That gift Santa brought last year still has me enthralled.

I've been working hard on my Spanish this summer and regularly mix my English and Spanish words. Even Bebe Sister has started picking up words like "gato" just by hearing me say them. Sometimes I have to remind Mom what a word means.

I still love Cars and Lightning McQueen and Mater. Thomas the Tank is also becoming a favorite, too.

Library time is still a favorite weekly activity. I especially enjoy seeing Ms. Tammy read stories at the library. We haven't missed a single story time this summer.

Mac N Cheese is still my favorite food along with pizza. Mom has been having me eat spinach and blueberries at least once a day and those are also becoming favorites. I still won't eat sweets except gummy snacks and occasionally Skittles. I'm more into salty foods like Pirate Booty. However, I have been doing good trying new foods and Mom is relieved to not have to cook something separate for me as I am now eating what everyone else eats.

So, there's a bit of an update along with some current photos. I hope to be back soon.


Kim said...

Love him. ANd I'm so impressed. Spanish?!!!!

Caitlin said...

So handsome!