Saturday, June 11, 2011


My favorite exhibit at the zoo is the penguins. I love them. I have a pretend penguin pool with little penguins that I feed. I love it. I ask Mom and Dad all the time if I can feed the penguins at the zoo. And they say it might not be possible but we do still visit the penguins.

Well, yesterday on our trip, the penguin pool was empty. There was no water for them to swim in. And because of that, most of the penguins were in their beds relaxing.

I went to the glass and sat down. Before I knew it, one came up to the glass for a visit. Her name is Trixie.

Here is some of our conversation:


Kim said...

He's so helpful and knowledgeable about what penguins should do. I love this!

Nina said...

How cute!