Sunday, May 8, 2011

What I'm Saying...

Me during breakfast: Mama, are you going to use the blend to make a smooth?

On our bike trailer trip to the nearby jungle gym. As we were passing the soccer fields full of dandelions: Look at all the rumor weeds! (Referencing Veggie Tales and the Rumor Weed)

The Rumor Weed.
Me (on our way to a barbecue): Mama, will Ms. Barb be at the Barbara-Q? (No Ms. Barb was not there but the name implied to me that she might be.)

Me: Mama, are you getting some meat out of the freeze?

Me: Dad, are you home for the weekend?
Dad: No, not until tomorrow.
Me: Are you home for the witching hour?
Dad: So it would seem...

Mama: Can you please stop growing?
Me: Um, does that mean I have to stop taking my Gummy-vitamins?

Me (holding up a toy to Mama): Is this a choking hazard? (I'm quite obsessed with ensure there are not choking hazards for Bebe Sister.)

Me: What's going to happen when Bebe Sister turns into a Sister Bear - who will be our Honey Bear? (Referencing Berenstain Bears - there's Mama and Papa Bear, Brother Bear, Sister Bear, and Honey Bear - Honey Bear is the baby. I lovingly call Bebe Sister my Honey Bear.)
Mama: I don't know, Sweetie. You know, some day we won't have a honey bear.
Me: Can we get another honey bear then?
Mama: We'll talk about that in another year or so.


Caitlin said...

Very charming! I can understand how the Barbara-q would be confusing! haha! So cute that he calls baby sister honeybear! I wonder what he would call Isaac?

shell said...

very good!! ok.. where did he get witching hour?? very funny!