Sunday, March 27, 2011

Illness - Round 2 Update

I am still recovering from my illness - sinus and ear infections. However, my cough is the worse. I keep telling Mom and Dad to "make the cough go away". And we are trying. 

In the past week I've seen two different health care providers and Mom has been in contact with my allergy/asthma specialist. After she spoke with Dr. J, I exclaimed, "Dr. J is THE MAN." He seems to always get me fixed up. This illness has been a bit tougher.

We're trying to avoid the antibiotics. But I have taken 3 days of oral steroids along with my inhaled steroids and a dual nebulizer treatment of atrovent and albuterol (DuoNeb). Slowly but surely I'm getting there. At least I can sleep through the night again.

When I'm all better, though, I do have to go in for allergy testing again as it seems I might be allergic to milk. Maybe I was trying to tell Mom something by not liking it all these years!

Enjoy the photos...they were taken before I became sick. Hopefully, I'll have some new ones up soon!


Kim said...

I'm surprised to hear that you think he could have milk allergies. Wouldn't the signs be there earlier - when he was nursing. A doctor recently told me I could eliminate milk allergies because deaglan nursed so well. I know you know better than me.

shell said...

He is looking better at least.. i am so glad there are better meds these days, I spent quite a bit of time at his age in the hospital in an oxygen tent because of allergies, asthma, and likely RSV.
The cough can definitely linger for weeks. Airways stay reactive for up to a month in asthmatics after a cold or illness.

Caitlin said...

I am so sorry about the rough time he has been having! I told Joseph that Thomas was sick too and and was very concerned.
Adorable pictures and I hope he is back to his smiling self soon!

PS Milk allergy? Very interesting! I have heard that kids sometimes are naturally repulsed by foods that they are allergic to (case in point: my nephew and peanut butter/peanuts. Diagnosed at 6 with a mild allergy.)
Will be interested to hear how this turns out! Hope it is negative for allergy though!