Sunday, February 20, 2011

Tortuga Sitting...

Cousin Dede is away at a baseball tournament. He asked me to watch over his tortugas (translation: tortoises). Mom and Dad say that maybe when I'm older and bigger I might be able to get a pet like this. They are pretty low maintenance, quiet, not too smelly, and kind of prehistoric. They are also really tough. However, Mom and Dad both taught me how to give gentle pats.

This is Roger (forward) and Echo (rear). They are both Russian tortoises. And both were rescued from the Humane Society. Echo is still a little skiddish and will hiss on occasion. Roger is much more outgoing. Both are surprisingly fast, too.

Mom and Dad have found me several times spying on them while they eat, sleep, or dig. Once they even found me standing on top of my cozy coupe but they were too frightened to grab the camera for fear I'd fall into the tortuga encounter area.

Mom did let me go for nap late one day so I could watch them eat. Roger really loves his veggies. He is also really into bath time, too. None of us realized how much personality these kinds of pets could have.

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Kim said...

I love that Roger has a 'lovely' shell. That is way too adorable for a three year old to be saying. How fun to be looking after a couple of turtles. Deaglan is very interested in turtles especially since they carry their homes on their backs - we read that somewhere and he loves the idea.