Friday, December 24, 2010

Mall Playtime...

Our local small city mall has just become a lot more friendly for kids my age. 

Here are some photos. This holiday season no gifts were purchased from the mall. However, we did very much enjoy the new play structure inside! We'll be going back - after the holiday rush is well over.

And here I am looking at the reindeer surrounding Santa's area. I thought they, as well as the moving "Frosties," were "very cool".

Hopefully, all the shopping is done because tonight, I'm heading to bed early to await Santa's arrival!!! I'm pretty excited this year. It's all just seemed to click and now I understand. 

Mom has threatened on more than one occasion to call Santa's assistant and report a naughty T Rex if I don't behave. In the end, no calls were made. But I'm not sure how long she can keep playing the Santa card after the big day has past. Time will tell...

Merry Christmas!

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Kim said...

Love that when local stops get kid-friendly. And good for you for not buying into the consumerism!