Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Pavo Project

 Translation: Turkey Project

This is my recent Thanksgiving art project. We've been trying to do at least art project per week (outside of stickers - Mom says this is not really art but I think so). I've been asking her to make a turkey or "pavo". This is what we came up with...

Mom rates this project as very, very messy. I rate it very, very fun! We used an old paper grocery sack to make it. We purchased the feathers at the craft store. We are still finding feathers even though we vacuumed everything including me!

Posing with my completed "Pavo Project"


Caitlin said...

adorable! I can really see how tall trex is getting when he stands next to the counter!

Kim said...

Great idea to do with the feathers. WE have feathers which we use too but mostly just gluing them to paper and like you, i find them everywhere.