Monday, October 11, 2010

Laundry Day Revisited...

I love helping Mom with the laundry, here is one of my earlier helping sessions.

I think I enjoy it mostly because I really enjoy play time with the laundry baskets.

Can you find me? I'm in one basket and my "guys" are in the other.

Reading about Grover and babysitting.

I think it's cool that I can still fit inside the baskets but also able to get in and out of these tall baskets. It's a good stage to be at!


Caitlin said...

Dear "Trex"
That's silly you are in the laundry basket! Is it your batmobile?

Nina said...

My baskets are so small compared to yours. Where do you find those big baskets? Looks like he is having fun in those baskets.