Tuesday, July 13, 2010


(With my Toy Story Gang - Buzz, Woody, and Alien)


Kim said...

Love the shirt. Deaglan just got a book from his grandparents called Roar - a Robert Munsch book and he says Roar!!! quite a bit. I'm sorry I haven't commented lately, I'm reading, but as soon as I spend any more than 10 minutes on the computer, Naveen acts like it's imperative that I come and pick him up:(

Hope the kids are well.

Nina said...

How cute!!! Have you seen Toy Story 3 yet, really great movie and wonderful ending but will warn you it has a part close to the end that could be pretty scary for a little one.

I loved your comment about T-Rex asking if my boys would get time out for not picking up their cards. Sounds like it works well in your house, something I might consider trying but most the time it seems time out has no meaning in my house. They would probably choose time out over picking up after themselves.