Thursday, April 22, 2010

Snuggles at the Zoo...

On Monday, Dad took the day off and we went to the zoo. I really wanted to snuggle all the animals...

Big Tiger

Little Tiger

The real tigers swimming.

Desert Tortoise

Trying to explain to Mom that I wanted to give the giraffe snuggles.

But instead I played on the giraffe slide.

And then when I got home I wanted to give my "Big T Rex" snuggles and the random pumpkin, too!


shell said...

What a great looking day at the Zoo!!

septembermom said...

So much fun!! I like all the pictures.

Nina said...

How cute! Looks like the zoo was a big hit. Their is a place near us that you can go and climb up a big deck and be at face level with the giraffes and feed them. It is really neat and we have not done it in a long time.