Monday, March 22, 2010

Planting Seeds - A Project...

Here's the seed kit we're using - Veggie Tales, my latest obsession.

Putting pellets in the pots. I LOVE the circle shapes of them.

Wetting the pellets - Mom helped with the seeds as they are tiny. I planted sunflowers and Chinese lanterns.

Examining my finished project.

What's in your garden this year?


Nina said...

I was just thinking this morning it was time to think about planting my indoor seeds. Where did you find veggie tales ones? My boys would enjoy that.

shell said...
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Caitlin said...

What a great idea! Can't wait to see his face when they start sprouting! Where did you get these? Joseph would love it!

Jed Wheeler Family said...

Jara says to sing to your garden it helps the plants to grow. (It's even better if you have a microphone.)
We planted carrots, spinach and lettuce this year.
Good Luck with your garden T-Rex!