Thursday, February 4, 2010

Toast Thief...

T Rex Mom guest posting here...

The other morning T Rex Dad and I were getting breakfast ready. I was putting the bread in the toaster oven and T Rex Dad was removing it for buttering.

He asked me if I was going to make more than a slice of toast which I responded in the affirmative. I did not understand his question until I saw this:

Someone (not me, T Rex Dad, or Baby Sister) was taking the toast from the plate on the counter and eating it. You cannot see it in the photo but he emptied a bin of toys and turned the bin upside-down in order to reach onto the counter top.

Here the culprit is caught red handed!

Mystery Solved!!!


Nina said...

But he is such a cute thief, I would think it could slide. :)

Alyssa@bloggin2noggin said...

That's so clever of him! How super cute (and happy) he looks.

I don't know why...I'm having google trouble...hope this works for commenting.