Friday, September 18, 2009

Friday Fashion...

Today I did some accessorizing to my chosen outfit...

Note the necklace and "bracelet" on my right hand. My bracelet is actually a napkin ring from the kitchen drawer. I LOVE pretend! And Mom's highlighters always make an excellent accessory!

Dressed up and working on my shapes puzzle.

Extra: Short video asking for a couple of my favorite people (Mom, Nana, Grandma)

What's your Friday Fashion???


Nina said...

So cute! Pretend is always the best with stuff from around the house.

Caitlin said...

His little voice makes me melt! Maybe pretty soon he'll start asking for Caitlin! :)

BallerinaBiker said...


Emily said...

I am so glad you commented on my blog!

I have often wondered how on earth you were doing.

How fun to be able to read about you and your adorable little family!

I hope you are well in every way!!

And I hope that your mom is also doing grand!

Thanks so much for commenting!

Take Care, Emily