Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Swimming Lessons

Last week was my last week of swim lessons. Needless to say, Mom and I are both relieved to be done. I really did not enjoy the lessons themselves. I never wanted to do what the instructor was asking. And as nice as the instructor was, I became annoyed every time she came by to ask me to blow bubbles.

Plus, I had to spend about a hour to an hour and a half in the car for the commute to the YMCA where the lessons were held.

Whew...it's all done for the summer. We learned some excellent safety tips and I thoroughly enjoyed the free play after lessons (especially the water slide).

Here are some photos from my last lesson...

Yes, those are ducks. As soon as we drive up to the YMCA I start saying "ducks".

Getting in and out of the pool was one of my favorite parts.

Yes, that's my friend Joseph and his mom. They were also in our class along with Cooper and his mom. It was nice being there with my friends.

A short video of sliding during lesson time. This was my favorite and we only had it out for the last lesson.


Nina said...

Isn't it great to take lessons at such a young age. We did not do lessons for Luke when he was little and now at 6 he is still hard to get in the water and he really hates getting his face wet.

The slide looked like fun!

Ter said...

Thank you for your comment on my blog today. It is nice to meet new people in bloggyville! Hope you'll come again for another visit soon!

shell said...

Boy, seems like a busy pool! Thomas seems very comfortable in the water.

Kim said...

Loved this video!! I thought about lessons for Deaglan but with work and just plain lateness by the time we get home from daycare and work it's already 6. I know excuses, excuses.