Thursday, April 2, 2009

Puffs Addict

"Hi, my name is T Rex and I'm a Puffs addict..."

Yes, I'm off the wagon and back on the Puffs. I just cannot help myself. They are SO good - especially the sweet potato ones. I prefer them over any kind of candy.

After eating the entire can and STILL wanting more, Mom had to redirect my attention to playing.

Guess it's time for a 12 Step Program.

(At least it gives me 20% of my daily calcium - much needed since I refuse all forms of milk other than Mom's!)


Nina said...

What is it about those puffs??? My Thomas also loves them and I love how good they are for him. Especially the whole grain that they just started including in them.

angie said...

This is the cutest post set up ever. It helps to have such an adorable model........:) You have been such a wonderful commenter while I've been away. I appreciate it so much.