Thursday, April 23, 2009

Outside Playtime

I'm so glad it's spring!

I just love being outside.

Everyday I look forward to going out and melt down when I have to come in.

Here are a group of photos from outside playtime this week...

Mom always insists I wear a hat - not my favorite thing. This hat is an Old Navy one she found at the thrift store for $1.

Standing at the back door. Mom also found my T shirt at the used clothing store (although it still had new tags on it - $3) and Nan made my rocket pants.

I always take my soccer ball outside with me.

I am fascinated by the doggie door. Usually when I'm inside I will toss my spheres out the door and make mom retrieve them - fun game - until the door gets closed!

We have a basin rock that gets filled with water everyday so the birds have a place to bathe and drink. I LOVE playing in the water there.

Wishing you all happy spring days...


Caitlin said...

FUN! I love the hat! Fresh air = good naps = happy TREX Mommy!

Kim said...

Excellent thrift store finds! Deaglan wears a lot of recycled stuff too - I love it. These are great pictures. I hope we have nice weather this weekend so we can have some fun outside!

Nina said...

How cute!!! My Thomas has those same melt downs when he has to come inside. I didn't deal with that with his older brother but he sure lets me know.