Tuesday, April 7, 2009

New Soccer Ball!!!

AKA my new sphere!!!

Aunt Shelley and Uncle Rich brought this home from her trip. They went to the Seattle Sounders inaugural game. Check out their blog for more highlights.

With Aunt Shelley - she had just finished her own soccer game.

As you can see, I LOVE it!

And I clutched it all the way home including while I slept!

Thanks for my awesome new sphere!


Nina said...

So cute!!! Looks like you might have a soccer player on your hands. LOL....

Caitlin said...

Cool ball! I hope that we can play soon! (I promise not to take that ball away. Well...)

shell said...

He is an awesome dribbler already, he scoots all around the house with a bigger soccer ball, so this one had his name all over it. Just his size! Hope he enjoys it!