Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Weekend...

Whew - the weekend was fun!!!

I was a busy guy - there are lots of photos to share. Take a look...

Easter egg hunt at home with my playgroup friends. Check out Mom's blog for more details.

Getting some help from Dad during the Friday night playgroup hunt.

Saturday morning brunch with the family to celebrate Grandpa's birthday. He offered to share his dessert but I declined.

I did, however, partake in a lollipop but lost interest after mom had to give me a new one because mine was becoming a choking hazard. I was more interested in the stick it was attached to than the candy itself.

Lunch outside because it was such a beautiful spring day!

Helping Dad with some yard work - I like to pretend my push cart is a lawn mower.

Check out what the Easter bunny brought! A wheelbarrow full of puffs and yogurt drops as well as a panda. I LOVE pandas!

Easter morning hunting eggs in the tunnel.

Hunting eggs outside - yes, I had my hair buzzed off. It's a tad bit short but Mom and Dad say in a week or so it will be perfect - they prefer to do haircuts less often and I agree!

I had to go outside one last time Sunday evening - it was just the perfect spring day!

Happy Easter!


Caitlin said...

Looks like a lot of fun! We can't wait to try out that Wheelbarrow! :)
And I think that the buzz cut looks cute- it emphasizes his cheeks!! :)

Nina said...

How cute!!! Looks like it was an Easter weekend full of fun.

BallerinaBiker said...

I'm with you on the buzz thing. The shorter you cut it, the longer the boys can go before another cut!

shell said...

Great Easter Pics!