Monday, March 23, 2009

T Rex To Do List

Mom made fictitious lists for her blog but mine is not really a fictitious one so she's letting me post it on my blog.

Check it out...

T Rex To Do List:

1. Organize ball collection

2. Unroll toilet paper roll (ahh - one of my favorite activities!)

3. Eat nearest piece of food or food-like item from the floor

4. Locate phone and attempt to dial last received phone number (I've already called 3 different people - Aunt Shelley listened to us for 5 minutes before Mom finally hung up the phone!)

5. Wrestle with Dad

6. Play chase with Mom

7. Sit on potty

8. When Mom's not looking, climb as high as possible onto nearest unsafe surface

9. Leave hand prints (or mouth prints) on any newly washed windows

10. Sneak into the garage if door has been left unlocked


Caitlin said...

Awesome! Looks like a busy day to me!

shell said...

good thing he hasn't tried to call Rika on a visit to Japan yet....

Nina said...

LOL... my little guy must be plotting with yours because he does so many of those very same things. The climbing is the most exhausting.