Friday, March 13, 2009

It's FRIDAY!!!

Here are the highlights of my busy day leading up to my weekend, in reverse order...

It's Friday after a long week and Dad wanted to give Mom a little break by starting the weekend early by taking a couple hours off and taking us to dinner.

We met Aunt Shelley at the restaurant - she always plays ball with me.

After dinner I ran around the courtyard outside the restaurant - I love to RUN!!!

Note the sphere in hand - always!!!

Walking with Mom - it was windy making the air a little chilly but I didn't care - I still LOVED running!

Tulips are coming up!!

Cruising with Aunt Shelley...

This morning we went over to Cooper's house for brunch. We tried to take a photo of the three of us but our moms discovered it is quite challenging to get three one-year-olds to all sit still at the same time for any length of time. But it was still great fun playing on the pillows and eating monkey bread!

If you click on the photo you will go to Ms. Caitlin's blog and she posted several photos from our shoot as well as photos from our playdates during the last year. You can see how we've grown!

Playing on the pillows - very fun!

Thanks everyone who made this a fantastic day. A very fun day but I'm glad it's the weekend - I need a break!

Have a wonderful weekend...

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shell said...

Had a great time! Can't wait for more spring weather to place outside. Gotta get Thomas working on his outside soccer skills ya know...