Wednesday, January 21, 2009

1+1= FUN!!!!!

Today my buddy "C" came over to play while his mommy ran errands. Just a couple of one-year-olds having a fun time!!!

First we played some ball - we'll probably be on the same sports teams so we're getting an early start!

Here I'm showing "C" my moves!!!

Then Mom showed us her moves - we're enthralled!!

Just plain happy and having fun!!!

Giving my friend some snuggles - he's so good natured - Mom says my love can
sometimes be a little painful but he did not seem to mind!!

We ate a snack - zucchini bread or "cake" as I call it made by C's mom - Yum!!

My friend was kind enough to give me a wagon ride.

Video of our wagon ride - you can see the "love mark" on C's back - my kisses are still a little wet! I enjoyed the ride so much I did not care the handle banged me on the head.

Thanks, "C"!
I had just the best time. And I am certain Mom did too!!!

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