Friday, December 12, 2008

Toy Discovery

Yesterday when I was "helping" Mom clean out my room, I opened my toy chest and discovered a "new toy".

According to Mom, it is a loaner she's been storing for several months but she never knew how it worked. However, I was most insistent that she get it out of the toy chest so she finally complied (only after much convincing).

Upon examination of the toy, I left my room and went to my bin with all the spheres in the living room. I brought back two spheres and placed them on the toy and it came to life. It was so cool I played with it the entire time Mom cleaned my closet.

Me enjoying the toy and getting some encouragement from Mom.

Thanks Ms. Nancy for the loaner so many months ago. You definitely have the coolest toys!

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Jed Wheeler Family said...

I'm glad you included your blog address in the Christmas letter. It's a fun way to stay connected. Thomas, you are a cutie!