Friday, December 26, 2008

Rating for 2008: NICE

My Santa Christmas rating this year: NICE.

Yes, Santa stopped at our house this year. Leaving gifts and tidings for Mom, Dad, and me, and devouring the sugar cookies and milk.

It was a fun morning. Here's what I woke up to:

Kitchen set and stocking from Santa - check out Mom's giant stocking under the tree! How do I get one of those?!? Note the snow outside - white Christmas!

WOW!!! My new kitchen set - I love it!

There's nothing girlish about this stove - I'm cooking a football!

Opening my stocking and loving my new baby rhino

With everything from my stocking

Giving hugs to the giant stuffed horse from Nan - goes with the cowboy blanket she made for me.

My Christmas gift to Mom and Dad: I slept until 8:45 am!

I hope all of you had as wonderful a Christmas. Mom and Dad said it was the best one they've had since they've been married! I'm thinking I have something to do with that!

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shell said...

Very cool kitchen set. Guys who can cook can pick up chicks easier...