Sunday, November 16, 2008

Weekend Update

Mom always tells me weekends are for fun and rest. We did a little of both this weekend.

On Saturday we went to my baby buddy's first birthday party. So much fun. If you check his Mom's blog you can see all the fun. Here are just a few highlights from our camera:

Fun with birthday boy and his dad

Birthday Boy

Other baby bud

Yummy party food!

Trading Babies...

Playing with Ms. CM

Dad with one of my baby buddies - I wasn't jealous because as you can see some of the other moms were giving me lots of attention!

Reading with Ms. Caitlin

Thanks for a very fun time!!! Great party!!

This is what we did on Sunday:

Mom and me in our lounge clothes reading on a lazy Sunday morning (Dad let her sleep in!)

Mom had to do a little work to prepare for her business trip tomorrow - I peaked into her office while she was working.

And that's the weekend update!!!

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