Friday, November 7, 2008

Friday FUNDAY!!!


I had so much fun today. Mom took a half day off work so we could host playgroup. It was a special day because the moms had a baby shower for my baby girlfriend's mom. Mom will be posting photos of the shower on her site.

Here are some highlights from the day...

This first photo is of me doing the "sidestep". I tried pizza for the first time today at daycare. Dad was so disappointed to learn that instead of eating it with glee I smeared most of it on my face. Thus, Mom had to put me into the tub when we got home. She snapped this photo of me right before I went into the tub - I was walking sideways or sidestepping! Can you tell from the photo?

Playtime with my pal - you should have seen the place when we were done! It definitely looked like we had a good time!

Playing with my birthday present from Miss Caitlin and co. I LOVE IT!!! Thank you! I've been carrying it with me EVERYWHERE.

After the babies and moms were gone, the expectant grandma or "Oma" played with me. She sang me songs in German which I LOVED. Can you see my big smile?

After all that fun, Mom and Dad worked hard to keep me awake so I was not in bed by 6:00 - boy, was I tired! In order to do so, we played and played. Here are a couple videos from this evening's playtime.

Playing with the gum ball machine toy Ms. Nancy loaned us - cool toy, especially all the spheres! Thanks for the loaner!

Let it go on record, here is the evidence that Dad taught me to jump on the bed! Note I'm still hanging on to my birthday ball/sphere!

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Caitlin said...

I'm glad that you like the ball! :) I knew that we couldn't go wrong with a sphere!!!