Sunday, November 23, 2008

Birthday Gifts

Thank you everyone for all the gifts - Mom and Dad thought by making my party an "open house" it implied a "no gifts necessary" policy. I guess they were wrong. Thank you for the gifts. But thank you also if you did not bring a gift as it made Mom and Dad feel better.

I got tired after opening a few of the gifts. Mom put a few away for me to open later, as well as some for me to play with at a later time. I got a little overwhelmed with all the cool toys, books, and clothes.

Opening my table and chairs from Grandma and Grandpa

Mystery gift - it's a cool toy submarine but it had no card attached so I have no idea who gave me this cool toy? Anyone want to claim giving this cool gift?

CAT machines from Aunt Julie and co.

Shapes box

"Jesus Loves Me" Lamb from Cousin Christine and co.

Reading my cool book from Nurse Liz - turn on your speakers if you want to hear me reading my book!

Playing with the basketball from Nan! Cool sphere!

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